Vineyard Club Membership Benefits

A unique gift or just because! Our Vineyard Club program allows you to adopt a plant in our vineyard and engage in the winemaking process on an intimate level, giving you a unique insight into the work and skill that goes into crafting each bottle of Bianchi Vineyards wine. Become a founding member!

  • Enjoy 15% discount on all bottle purchases and events.
  • Receive (2) bottles of Bianchi Vineyards wine made from our adopted vines each year.
  • Receive (2) Bianchi Vineyards wine glasses upon sign-up.
  • Receive a personalized "vineyard certificate" indicating the location of your vine.
  • Your name will appear in the Bianchi Vineyards tasting room.
  • A tag with your name will be placed on your vine.
  • All vine parents may be invited to participate in the winemaking process.
  • Vine parents will receive special opportunities for events and discounts.
  • Receive a seasonal newsletter describing the progress of the vineyard.
  • Each vine adoption lasts a lifetime.
  • Cost is $300 to sign-up, $75 per year.

Bianchi Vineyard Club Membership

Bianchi Vineyard Club Membership

Vineyard Club Membership